Code is poetry (oh no it isn’t)

THE important things

are words – the right ones – of course

and the photographs

Video works too and

the code gives you – haiku-like –


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I WORK in the space where web sites become dynamic and start to work for a business or a community, which might mean

= enriched content for seo to give a brand status and identity on the web;
= electronic communication tools like blogs and emails to create a dialogue and commerce with audience, customers, members, staff
= turning design elements into interactive components from the high street to virtual
= creating newsfeeds to animate content and dialogue
= rationalising web approaches to produce effective business results

First generation web sites were passive corporate jewellery, but in web2 we see that for many companies in different ways the web presence is a cornerstone of an interaction that opens new opportunities, efficiencies and business both internally (as in company newsletters and communications) and externally (as in sales and brand development)

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Recent projects

French backed, European wide web play into the online gambling arena. To translate French inspired concept for an English/European audience, brand ownership on all published materials, office systems, working practices, manuals. From 16 people in Camden in 2005, now the third/second biggest operator in Europe across 17 countries – in 17 languages.

Rosemary Branch Theatre and Dining Rooms

Relaunch of historic Islington pub theatre – make over the public space, re-design, re-position brand, implement painting and decorating, marketing, trading issues, supply and staff


Development of newsletter for 166,000 farmers to involve scoping, copy writing, creation of dummy issues, presentation and identifying core communication issues with stakeholders.


National Trust

Communications newsletter to 136 properties to foster engagement between kitchens and the farm management. Development of food policy (what is English food?) and infrastructure for improved performance and delivery of messages (via newsletter) throughout the estate. Link up produce from the estates to kitchens.

IDG Events

Development of a series of global high end IT conferences in the digital web 2 arena including grid computing and service oriented architecture using blogs to create worldwide identity and contact points and on going dialogue and commerce

Cross Kings

Re-development of old London pub from negotiating contracts to budgeting builders, setting up supplies, re-making the bar and the kitchen and getting permissions for music licenses. Now trading as three floors of prime regeneration entertainment complex and a landmark on the night time city club scene. Note what happens if you type cross kings into Google web search


Web environments

Freedom Foods – commercial digital market for farmers to sell their produce
Soil Association – awards programme
Welsh Development Agency – retail environment for small businesses – city guide (which still survives)
Blackwell Science – monitor growth of the web in the food arena

News provision

Source and supply news to Reuters, and newsfeeds to a spectrum of would-be web masters, especially in the organic food and travel sectors and including work on the Sunday Times (sport) and Times (news) and Sunday Telegraph (politics)

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1991-1995 Editor, Taste magazine
Forerunner of the glossy food magazines sold on to become Tesco house magazine. Best print magazine 1994

1991-1994 Head of food policy London Docklands Development Corporation
Instigating café society around Canary Wharf, now worth £15 million a day

1989-1991 Head of new media Consumers Association
Early foray into media cross-fertilisation

1981-1990 Editor Good Food Guide, Guardian columnist
Turning a minority restaurant guide into a household name and number one bestseller

Three times winner of Glenfiddich, restaurant writer of year. Guardian columnist

Design awards – 1977-79 Evening Echo, Basildon; 1987 Best typography Good Food Guide, 1993 Best colour design Taste magazine

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